Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hunted - House of Night - by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Title : Hunted

Authors : PC Cast, Kristin Cast

Series : House of Night

Prior Books : Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed

Summary : Zoey Redbird, a vampire fledgling, and crew have escaped the House of Night; fleeing from a now evil High Priestess Neferet and her evil consort, Kalona. The problem is that Neferet gaurds the wicked fallen angel with vigilence and no one seems to realize that he and his demon Ravenmocker children are evil. Zoey's involvement with Kalona in a past life may be the key to banishing him or the unraveling of the resistance. On the romance front her reforged relationship with Eric Night (her new vampire mate) may come into contest with reapearances of Heath (her human consort) and James Stark (her undead protector). 

Thoughts : It was suspenseful and well thought out. I'm eager for the next installment! I still find Zoey's friends more lovable than Zoey herself. I am particularly fond of Aphrodite (a former rival), Darius (Aphrodite's Son of Erebus boyfriend), Jack and Damien. Unfortunately the Twins are somewhat annoying as is Zoey herself. Zoey is a character who tends to be all over the place. She is incredibly indecisive when it comes to dating and who she's with rotates constantly. I'm all for Eric though. It was well paced and probably my favorite of all of the House of Night novels.

Cover : The cover is gorgeous. I love the red highlights and how some aspects (the symbols) are shiny.  The only thing I don't like is that this one is a hardcover and the previous books were only released in paperback. 

Rating : 4 Stars

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  1. Great review, I haven't read the series yet but I will!
    -Senfaye :D

  2. ^_^ thanks its kinda fluffy but fun!

  3. Thanks for including my contest in your post.

    I am liking the novel so far but I have to agree with you. Zoey is a little annoying. Great review!

  4. Thanks for informing me about Costco!