Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

Title: City of Glass

Author: Cassandra Clare (pen name)

Series: The Mortal Instruments

Prior Books: The City of Bones, The City of Ashes

Summary: Clary Fray is travelling to the City of Glass (home-base for the shadowhunters) to find the one person she thinks can save her mothers life. But she is in for a lot more than she bargained for: not only is it against the law for her to enter sans permission, but her assumed brother (they have a possibly incestuous relationship) is not happy. To top it off her friend Simon is kept prisoner. She allys herself with a mysterious shadowhunter Sebastian. As Valentine (her insane father) tries to initiate a war; the Downworlders are called on as possible allies. Clary is the key who is about to find out where everyones loyalties lie.

Thoughts: I've always loved this series, Cassandra Clare's writing makes the characters seem so real and the reader feels like they are looking right over their shoulders. The characters are also vivid and funny. The whole is-Jace-her-brother plot was really well done, while we all knew what the results would be, Clare still makes it suspenseful. In addition there is a lot more behind past events in the series that's revealed. I don't want to spoil this too much there is the kind of ending we all hope for. This is also probably the most action orientated out of the bunch. The Mortal Instruments has always done urban fantasy really well (the worlds blend together great) and even with a change of scenery it still maintains the same feeling as the previous two. Well done Miss Clare! (This book was so good, I skipped school to read it!)

Cover: I love the covers of the series, their gorgeous. However I don't like how they always stick a quote right in the center. It should join the other reviews on the back. I also want to know why Tamora Pierce's quote didn't earn center spot. (No offence to Miss Myer but Tamora is like the ruler of YA fantasy.) It's too bad there are only the 3 books because Simon, Alec, and Isabelle definitely deserve their own beautiful covers.

Rating: 5 stars (I realize this review sounded a little snappy but I really did love it)

PS:  The new inquisitor is somewhat reminiscent of Cornelius Fudge to me, anyone else picture him this way? Also anyone exited for the prequel trilogy? I cant wait to see Clare do Victorian England.


  1. OMGOODNES!!!:) ahh, i LOVE this book, It's one of my faves...Okay, I really need to stop getting excited whenever I see a picture of it lol and you look pretty too:)
    I agree with you but sadly, I had to go to school after reading it, and I stayed up like the whole night reading it. I must have been a sight.
    I can see princess diaries series in the background...meg cabots of my faves...Have you read her book airhead? I love it.
    We seem to like the same books...

  2. I know! I always get really exited at The Mortal Instruments ^_^ Too bad you had to go to school after! Its a lot to take in.

    I love Meg Cabot <3 Ive got Airhead coming next Amazon order, is it good?

    Yeah, I love meeting people who like similar books ^_^

  3. I have never read this series. Maybe I should...
    Great review!

  4. Thanks ^_^ It really is good if you were thinking about reading it!

  5. Awesome Book!!

    Got something for you at our site! Come pick it up! =D


  6. Haven't read this, but it looks good--I liked your review. Will have to look for it next time in a bookstore/library.

  7. nominated you for an award...
    :):) and air head is pretty much amazing, though being nikki is going to be even better...

  8. Sadako: Hope you like it ^_^

    Amy: Thanks so much. Air head and Being Nikki are sort of mediator/supernatural time stuff? They look super-good <3

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