Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blog Awards!

I've got a few to put up ^_^
Firstly from Christina (who is a fabulous commenter!).  
Plus one from Liyana Thanks <3

"This award goes to awesome people who make the time to comment on other's posts."

The panda is so cute! The lovely people I choose as super - awesome commenters are ... 

4. Alea

I've also got something from Steph ^_^

"The Rules:
1) Put the logo on your blog/post.2) Nominate up to 9 blogs which allur
e, amuse, bewitch, impress or inspire you.
3) Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4) Let them know that they have been splashed by commenting on their blog.
5) Remember to link to the person from whom your received your Splash award.
6) Have F~U~N"

My choices are ...

1. Iryna
2. Amy

Also I'm done nominations for these but I got another couple

From the lovely Iryna 

And from Liyana


  1. Congratulations on all of your INCREDIBLE awards = }!!!

  2. Wow! Aren't you popular!

  3. Jen, you're a star! Thank you.

  4. Congrats on the bunch and thanks so much for the award!

    Amber & Cheryl

  5. The panda's back at your blog now, Jen! (I mean, I nominated you too. LOL.)

  6. I've never gotten a commenting award before, so THANK YOU!!

  7. Congrats for the awards! You deserve it!

    And thank you so much for the splash award! <3

  8. Thanks guys ^_^
    And congrats to people getting them too!

  9. Congrats for all your awards!

  10. wow, congrats on getting all that recognition!

    and thanks for stopping by my site. :)

  11. Nice awards!

    I am actually here to deliver another!<3

  12. Hey Jen, I love how you have no problem nominating everybody for awards. I've got an award waiting for you at my blog (

  13. ^_^ Thanks I'l put it up after my Alanna Review

    BTW I would love to get to know you better too!