Friday, July 3, 2009

Tithe: A Modern Fairytale by Holly Black

Title: Tithe: A Modern Fairytale

Author: Holly Black

Sequels/Companion Novels: Valiant, Ironside

Summary: Sixteen-year-old, Philly resident, Kaye Fierch ends up shipped back to her grandmother's house after her mothers boyfriend tries to stab her mother. However once she gets there she sees the reappearance of her imaginary friends from childhood. Faeries are real and she is one of them. Her friends tell her that the Unseelie court has selected her for their next tithe (human sacrifice) and she should pretend to be human until the they removed her glamour and reveal her. This will allow her friends freedom from the sinister Faerie courts for seven years. Unfortunately she is also in love with a knight of the dark court who would rather make alliances with the light. Adding the interference of a few of her human friends the tithe may not go as planned.

Thoughts: It's not very often I find myself liking faerie books but this one was great. I found Kaye a bit abrasive at first but I love how strong she is as well as her ability to take things in stride. Kaye is also very clever and inventive in dealing with her troubles. I also found the rules of the faerie courts dealt with in a neat, matter-of-fact way. I also enjoyed the contrast between the modern world (which was full of Stark Trek, comic, and literary references), and the beautiful (but cruel) faerie world.

Cover: The cover is lovely and matches the companion novels well.

Rating: 5 Stars


  1. I'm always back and forth on faerie novels, but this one sounds really good. Great review!


  2. I read this one recently as well and liked it. :)

  3. I love the covers of these books.

  4. Lately, I've been looking for some fairytale books to read, so this looks great! Thanks for the review.

  5. Amber: I know, its hard finding faerie standouts, because they always seem to play the same role

    Michie: ^_^

    Charley: They are so pretty!

    Priya: They are fabulous!

  6. These were the first faerie books that I read and remain the best.

  7. I actually didn't like this one so much...guess I'm in the minority:-D

  8. Gonna have to check it out!

  9. I'm pretty sure that I read that book once - but I'm not completely certain because some of the books I read in the past are starting to blur together.

    Thanks for the review.

  10. You got blog awards from me:

  11. These are great books I like the ending of Ironside because it ends almost exactly like Tithe because it ends as a mystery & I am sooooooooo hoping Holly decides to make another one in the series I don't necsessarily consider Valiant as one of them because it has different main characters so I REALLY want Holly to write another after Ironside! Tori Huffman

  12. I have this and need to get to it one of these days. I loved Cyn Balog's FAIRY TALE, so maybe I'm ready!

  13. Lenore: Hope so ^_^
    Tory: What character are you wanting to hear about?
    Senfaye: Thanks!
    Angie: That totally happens to me too!
    Amy: I found her personality really abrasive at first but that was breif ^_^
    So Many book: Ive never been into faeries but these seem to solve that.

  14. (I love your Doctor Who shirt! I would only get in the Tardis with Eccleston, though :) I also love that you photograph you holding each book! It's a cool idea)

  15. Hey there :)
    I wanted to ask if you know where I can buy this book with this cover - I didn't like the new edition one!

    Nice blog and great reviews!

    Cheers from Brazil :*