Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fives - Dragons

This week I'm counting down the Top 5 Dragons (both the creature and people with the title)

5. Madison Moss (The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima)
Madison is an art student from Ohio. She stays with her Aunt at Legend's. She is a descendant of the Dragon who the Warriors, Enchanters, Wizards, and Seers first obtained their powers from. She absorbs the magic of others (lacking her own). Madison is integral to the final outcome being the only one who is able to use the magical Dragon Heart. In Dragon Heir the spunky Madison heads back to the hills, and to her family where the town knows her as a witch.
4.  Norbert (Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling)
A Norwegian Ridgeback who was hatched from an egg by Hagrid (of course). While incredibly vicious Norbert is also stunningly cute! Unfortunately Malfoy rendered it necessary for Norbert to be sent to be raised by Ron's brother, Charlie.

3. Liam Ironarm - The Shang Dragon (Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce)
Liam was a Shang warrior (trained by Wildcat). Skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and use of weapons Liam was the oldest Dragon in over 40 years (most wouldn't live past 40). He was first introduced to Alanna and Coram by saying "Red-heads have to stick together". Eventually he accompanies them on the quest for the Dominion Jewel and back to the palace for the final battle against Roger. He eventually ends his relationship with Alanna due to his fear of magic and all who wield it. 
2. Fwup (Pure Dead Series by Debi Gliori)
Fwup, a teenage dragon, is one of the creatures of the Strega-Borgia. She is usually seen with Sab (a griffin), Knot (a yeti), and Tock (a vegetarian crocodile). This series is known for being both odd and extremely funny. Fwup eventually discovers she is female and is intent upon making up for lost time.

1. Saphira (Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Saphira is the dragon hatched by Eragon, from the egg stolen from Galbatorix by the Varden (notably Brom and Jeod). She was guarded by Arya until being sent to the Spine for Eragon to find. She is incredibly clever and has a slightly wry sense of humor. It is later revealed that she is the only female dragon left. 

Readers' Choice 
Let me know your favorite Dragon in the comments. ^_^

Odd Google Results
For the Lulz these two kept popping up when I googled the images.
Smeargol from LOTR 
(although I love that dragon firework)
Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars (the prequel set)
(Who is actually a Gungan)


  1. I love Norbert! Best dragon ever!

  2. i love star wars! I may seem like a nerd for saying that but they're so great. And jar jar binks is awesome, though i like one 1 konobe better(i know i spelt that wrong)

  3. I forgot about Liam Ironarm, but since you listen him there, he should totally be first. :P

    Oh, and Tamora Pierce recommended Eon. Pretty much why I read it.

  4. Guess I don't know any nice dragons!

  5. Norbert is the only dragon I've read about but Saphira sounds very cool.

  6. I have a little something for you on my blog. You can pick it up here.

  7. Christina- He's just so cute!

    Amy- I love StarWars too (even the novels), and I love the prequels (well Phantom anyway)!

    Liyana - Isn't he great! I totally have to read Eon now ^_^

  8. Lenore - Aww, too bad, but dragons do tend to be fierce ^_^

    SMBSLT: Norbert is cute!

    Melissa - Thanks!

  9. I am a HUGE Norbert fan! Btw- You've been splashed! come check out my blog!

  10. The dragon series I first encountered and loved is the The Pit Dragon Trilogy (Dragon's Blood, Heart's Blood, and A Sending of Dragons) by Jane Yolen. I don't remember the name of the dragon.

  11. my favorite dragon is the one in shrek!

  12. Emmy - Wow! Thanks ^_^ Norbert is super cute btw!

    Vvb32 - Aw, she must be awesome though!

    Marie - The one in Shrek is so cute!

  13. I've got to read more fantasy books hehe

  14. I have to read Eon still! It's sitting in my pile! And I like how Liam was included in this list :)

    P.S. I gave you an award!