Sunday, April 12, 2009

Challenge : I am an insane Tamora Pierce fan

I'm almost done my 50 book challenge so,

The Rules
1. I will read every published Tamora Pierce book (starting April 11)
2. I will reveiw each mini-series (exept Provest Gaurd, where each book will be done individually.

If anyone would like to try you can do all from both realms or a mini-challenge of either Tortall or Emelan (some people don't like both sets.


Provest’s Dogs
2. Bloodhound (not yet released)
3. Mastiff (not yet released)

Song of The Lioness
The First Adventure
In the Hand of the Goddess
The Women who Rides Like a Man
4. Lioness Rampant

The Immortals 
1. Wild Magic
2. Wolf-Speaker
3. Emperor Mage
4. In the Realm of the Gods

Protector of The Small 
1. First Test
2. Page
3. Squire
4. Lady Knight

Daughter of the Lioness / Trickster 
1. Trickster’s Choice
2. Trickster’s Queen


The Magic Circle 
1. Sandry’s Book
2. Tris’s Book
3. Daja’s Book
4. Briar’s Book

The Circle Opens 
1. Magic Steps
2. Street Magic
3. Coldfire
4. Shatterglass

The Circle Reforged 
1. The Will of The Empress
2. Melting Stones

Ones in italics = complete
BTW new review coming up, sorry ^_^


  1. Fun! I love her Tortall universe, but I never really got interested in the Circle series. I look forward to your reviews though!

    Good luck with your challenge :)

  2. Thanks ^_^ I love both so I thought I would revisit her.

  3. I'd join your challenge but I reread her books so often there's probably no point :). I'm super excited about Bloodhound though - it's being released really soon!

  4. I love her Tortall universe! The Circle series, not so much, cuz I kinda wanted Briar to get with Sandry. I'm so looking forward to your review. Any idea if the books are sold in box set?

  5. I just got Bloodhound so I am going to track down Terrier too. Good luck with your challenge!

  6. Helen: Bloodhound looks so good!

    Liyana: I'm more of a Briar/Tris fan!

    Lenore: I liked Terrior more than I thought I would. The diary format in the beginning was a bit bothersome though ^-^

    Also someone asked about boxsets, I think there is an Immortals and Protector of the small, Im not entirely sure. Some of these were overprinted though, so they tend to pop up for cheap at plAces like half price books.

  7. Jen, I re-nominated you for the Chicken award!

  8. Wow! Good luck!

  9. woah geez! Arn' each of her books like 100 pages long? :-D
    I seriously need to start reading will of the empress. Is she really as good as people say?
    Good job on following through on the challenge though!

  10. Amy: The YA ones are a couple hundred. The first set of Emelan ones used to be in the 10-12 part of the kids section (they're a bit shorter), but the later part of the Emelan ones are fairly long. ^_^ They read fairly quick though, I've read the Song of The Lioness Quartet just this weekend. She\s really, really good for people who are into magic / knights

    ^_^ Thakns Christina, and thanks for the award Iryna!

  11. What an awesome challenge!! I absolutely love Tamora Pierce and have read almost all her published work to date. She's really great. :)

  12. Jen, what about a guest blog or author interview with Tamora Pierce? :D

  13. I wish T_T I wonder how to go about getting one

  14. loved the lioness series. i like how she creates strong female characters. enjoy your reading challenge.

  15. ^_^ yeah the sheros! Thanks <3

  16. I never knew the Circle series' world was called Emelan, which is bad considering I've read 8 of them! In my defence, it was a long time ago :)