Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fives - Top 5 Wizards

I'm introducing a new once-a-week feature for Fridays. Friday Fives. Inspired by a list Mia's favorite movies in The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. So the feature works as a top-five list

Top 5 Wizards

5. Scarpo (Children of the Red King)
Delightfully wicked, he was an apprentice of Charlie's ancestor Mathwyny and was who Clairwen was stolen from. He also offers advice with slightly morbid humor and hides various magical artifacts for the protagonists. Charlie visits him by traveling through a painting of him.

4. Jason (Wizard/Dragon Heir)
Jason is the character who survived for years in the isolated boarding school used as a front to steal wizards powers. His father and best friend were both killed in an attempt to take his wizardry. While weaker than then Nick and Seph, Jason has excellent control and is particularly skilled at illusions and invisibility. Jason also has tremendous knowledge of other magical beings (enchantors, warriors etc.). He also desperately wanted to meet and work for The Dragon.

3. Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files)
Not only is he a crime solving wizard; he has the greatest sidekicks ever, a Chicago police Sergeant, and a centuries old ghosts that inhabits his own skull. He also has a super-awesome TV show based after him.

2. Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
Dumbledore is most likely the most powerful wizard in the entire series. He served as the headmaster of Hogwarts and was chief of Wizgamot and has received order of Merlin first class. Dumbledore has served as mentor to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He is the wisest character and seemingly knows everything about the wizarding wo
rld and subsequently does most of the explaining to readers. 

1. Nita and Kit (Young Wizards)
Its a tie. This wizardly duo travels through space, dimension and time. Both Nita and Kit are intelligent, kind, and slightly sarcastic. Nita was originally a specialists in organic life (notably plants) but later changed to precognition, theory, spell writing and "kernals". Kit was a specialist in mechanical wizardry and along with his dog Ponch he is able to create new dimensions. These two are pretty much the most awesome wizards ever. Also they are totally book people, and so they are also super-easy to connect with.

Know any other amazing wizards? Post in the comments.

Readers Choice = Gandalf


  1. I will admit that I've only read Harry Potter out of these 5, so I only recognize 1 of the 5 you named... Perhaps I shall have to pursue these other ones :)

    Great Friday idea! I look forward to see what other "5" you come up with!

  2. ^_^ I have a thing for wizards, these books are all really great

    Thanks ^_^

  3. Nice list! No other wizards come to mind now, but I'm sure some will in the near future. :)

  4. I'm the same with epic rat. And this is such a great idea! :D

  5. oh, cool new meme! I like Jason too:-D That's an awesome series.

  6. Thanks ^_^ Jason is made of awesome!

  7. Dumbledore is a favorite for me as well!

  8. Dumbledore is definitely one of my favorites!

    Oh and I wanted to let you know that I posted the review that you asked for.

  9. My favorites are Ged from A Wizard of Earthsea and Gandolf from LOTR. BUT those are pretty much the only wizard books I've ever read...