Sunday, April 5, 2009

Night World - Book 1 - Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, Spellbinder

Title: Volume 1 (Contains 3 short novels called : Secret Vampire, Daughters Of Darkness, Spellbinder)

Author: LJ Smith

Series: Night World 

In Secret Vampire - Poppy is dying. She will be gone by the end of the summer, unless James, her best friend and object of her affections will change her. James is a vampire and to change Poppy, a human, goes against the laws of the Night World. This could mean death for both of them.
In  Daughters of Darkness - 3 vampire sisters flee to live among humans. Their brother Ash is sent to bring them back, but unwittingly finds his soulmate, their beautiful human friend.
In Spellbinder a witch finds her human soulmate. To keep her from being executed her cousin decides he must go. Its a fight between Blaise and Thea with a soulmate between them.

Secret Vampire - I loved all the characters, Poppy is magnificently brave, her brother magnificently stubborn and James was just magnificent
Daughters of Darkness - I liked the tie-in with characters in other Night World novels. I would like to see more of the 3 sisters in later stories
Spellbinder - I love the characters in this, the ending did fall a bit flat however for me, but my concerns are dealt with in later books.
Overall - I love the tie-in between groups of seemingly un-related characters. I also liked gaining a fresh set of main characters in each story. The main characters also are all excellent secondary characters for the others storeys. The logistics of the Night World are excellent. The plots that span all the stories are also excellent

Cover : I really like the cover, Poppy is our cover girl, and the image of her is striking. I also like the grey scale with hinds of colour. These also follow the trend of having at matte cover with certain bits glossy.

PS: The conclusion should come out sometime in the next year. The first nine books in the series are being re-published three to a book. Each group of three is about $6 at Costco.


  1. I really loved all these novels. LJ Smith is amazing and the only book she has ever disappointed me with was The Vampire Diaries: The Return and Nightfall. I don't know what she was thinking when she wrote that!

  2. I think I prefer Night World. Im kinda apprehensive at reading the new Vampire Diaries ones, its like their dredging up an old story.

  3. There will be 12 books in total. The 10th book will be out this fall! I can't wait since it looks so good and it has such a great cover!

  4. i messed up. There will be a new trilogy coming out in the fall, then book 10 of nightworld will come out in 2010. :)